Saturday, December 22, 2012

The best chicken stock, ever, and other random tidbits

When I was growing up, my mom always said that the BEST chicken stock ever was made from chicken feet. But back then, she couldn't find them anywhere.

But now, they're a little easier to find. I've bought them at the farmer's market and from a huge Asian market that I take a road trip to a couple times a year. My mom would be so .... surprised.

When I make stock from roast chicken, I usually add some vegetables, and the chicken was no doubt seasoned before cooking. But when I use chicken feet, I go for something really simple. Really really simple. Because I figure that a plain stock is more versatile. I can add flavorings when I use it.

So ...

I throw the feet into the slow cooker, add water to just barely cover the feet, and let them cook on low for about 16 hours. Sometimes longer. Then I get rid of the feet, strain the stock, and chill it. The resulting stock is very thick and ... well, bouncy. This is great for making soup, gravy, or for making a sauce for noodles.

It's great stuff. Try it, if you have a chance.

I'll admit that they do look kind of creepy, but it's not like you have to interact with them a lot. Dump them into the slow cooker, slam the lid shut, and then strain them out at the end. After you've made a few batches, it's a lot less creepy.

You're going to love this segue ...

Or not.

Since we're talking about chicken, how about those Rooster Potatoes?

You might remember those Rooster potatoes I wrote about a while ago? Well, those nice folks are hosting a Pinterest contest with weekly prizes of $50 gift cards, and a grand prize of an "in-home chef experience." Log in here:

If you're on Pinterest, it's an easy entry - and everyone can use an extra $50, right?

Now for goofy question #1

Speaking of gift cards, do you spend them the same way you'd spend cash? I was thinking about this the other day. When I get a gift card as a gift I tend to shop differently. I might buy something special or gifty or indulgent or longer-lasting. I might buy a new baking dish instead of a couple bags of flour, for example. Maybe it's because I want a gift to be something I'd remember rather than something that I shove into the pantry and use without thinking.

How about you? Do you think a little harder when you're purchasing from a gift card, or is it just extra money to spend on that discount case of toothpaste?

And goofy question #2

What the heck is Biscoff Spread?

I'm pretty sure I'm the last blogger on the planet to try this stuff.

I know there are Biscoff cookies and there are mashed cookies in the spread and everyone is ooohing and aaaahing over it. But ... but ... but ... after looking here and there and almost everywhere, I finally bought a jar of the spread today. But I haven't opened it yet. I'm waiting for the big reveal.

So, tell me. Do ya love the stuff? Is it worth all the hype, or do you think I'll be scratching my head and wondering what all the hype was about.

That's all I've got. See ya tomorrow!