Friday, April 1, 2011

One Product, Many Sources!

Welcome to the Beta version of the new Cookistry store!!!

Prices have not yet been set, and product is not yet in stock. You're the first to get a sneak peek of the indispensable product we will be selling. And yes, just one product, but in many variations. Cooks find this one single item to be indispensable in the kitchen, and even non-cooks use it quite often.

Note: all product will be securely bottled in its liquid form, and can be safely stored at room temperature before opening.

Our motto is "One product, many sources." Enjoy!

Sky Wild-Caught
Sky harvesters work mid-air; ground harvesters collect below
  • Spring Hard Pellets
  • Summer Warm
  • Fall Chiller
  • Winter Fluff
  • Winter Half-Frozen
Sky Harvested
(Same categories as Sky Wild-Caught, but harvested at groundfall rather than in free flight)

Tree Harvested
Tree-harvested spruce winter fluff
Winter fluff is often available tree-harvested, as well as sky-harvested and ground-harvested.
  • Pine/Spruce
  • Maple
  • Fruit-bearing
  • Hard pointy tree melt
Note: We do not sell, or advocate using hard pointy roof-melt product. This is inferior and can be contaminated at its source. We advocate using only natural products from organic sources. We do occasionally have hard-pointy tree melt. This is somewhat rare and as such there are no flavor choices.

Hard pointy tree melt
Bush Harvested
Bush harvested is also winter fluff. It's easier to harvest than the taller tree varieties and comes in a variety of subtle flavors.
  • Juniper
  • Grape
  • Rose

Underground Harvested
  • Well
  • Cavern
  • Hot Springs

Surface Harvested
  • Spring
  • Stream
  • River
  • Coming Soon! Moon Polar!
  • Lake

Deep Sea Harvested
Deep-sea harvest are available naturally salted or unsalted

  • Atlantic
  • Pacific

Wild-Caught Nymph-Harvested Mars Polar
  • This very rare water is currently out of stock.
  • Please check back later - no pre-orders available
  • Sold on a first-come first-served basis.
Thanks for checking out our Beta store! We hope to see you back when sales go live!


Jen said...


Sky-wild caught is my favourite.

Jenny N said...

wow, can't wait to get some of this!! ;)

Sheila Ann said...

you are hilarious Donna!

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