Monday, May 9, 2011

Serious Sandwiches: Smoked Pork and Pickled Peppers

Over at Serious Eats, there's a daily feature called A Sandwich a Day. This is one of my submissions for that feature.

The smoked pork and pickled pepper sandwich ($9) at the Dickens Tavern in Longmont Colorado isn't the prettiest girl at the dance, but looks are deceiving. The menu describes it as "smoked pork, pickles, hot peppers, melted cheese, all grilled on super toast with chipotle aioli," but it looks a lot plainer than that.

In fact, it looks like shredded meat with cheese sauce on a large slice of bread. One bite, though, tells a different tale. The there's the smokiness of barbecue followed by the heat of peppers, the creaminess of cheese and aioli, and more smokiness from the chipotle. I had to peek inside again to see where all the flavor was coming from, but no, there was nothing hiding, It looked like shredded meat with a melty cheesy sauce and bits of green that must have been the pickled peppers. The server that brought the sandwich said it was his favorite, and I can see why.

Sandwiches at the Dickens Tavern are served with skinny fries, and this one came with a pickle spear as well. You can substitute salad for the fries for no charge, or opt for soup or onion rings for an extra dollar, or sweet potato wedges for an extra $2.

My dining companion opted for the sliders (3 for $9), which he was really happy with. Thin-sliced pickles made the sandwich, he said, and the melted cheese on top looked good. I snagged a bite, and it was a tasty little burger. They also came with fries and a pickle spear.

Dickens Tavern
300 Main Street
Longmont CO



Caterina B. Taylor said...

Seriously! This makes me hungry at 10:40 PM!

Karen said...

First time visitor. That is one amazing sandwich. The picture popped up and I was all set to grab the recipe and run. Now I have to go to Colorado!

Mexican Peppers said...

It’s a great tip on Do It yourself stuff. Thanks!

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