Friday, August 2, 2013

Chili Beer Braised Goat Stew

On a whim, I bought some goat stew meat at the farmer's market, but I didn't have a good plan for using it. So it sat in the freezer for a couple weeks until I had an idea. And of course I used my slow cooker. Hey, it's summer. There's no way I'm going to leave something on the stove or in the oven if I have a better choice.

So that goat stew in the freezer was on my mind when I found out that one of the teeny breweries nearby, Bootstrap Brewing, is bow bottling their chili beer. I picked up a bottle  - a 22-ounce bomber - and decided to use that for my braising liquid.

The great thing about using something like chili beer for a braising liquid is that you don't really need anything else for flavoring. You can add more if you like, but for a quick weeknight meal, the beer adds plenty of flavor.

The first night, I served this over rice, and the second night, I reduced the liquid a lot, cut the meat into smaller pieces and used it as taco filling.

Chili Beer Braised Goat Stew

1 pound goat stew meat
1 onion, large dice
3 ribs celery, sliced
1 teaspoon salt
1 22-ounce bottle chili beer

Toss everything into the slow cooker and cook on low until the meat is tender. It took about three hours for the stew meat I had.

And really, that's it. You can thicken the gravy if you like, or reduce it.