Monday, August 5, 2013

Breakfast Pizza

Ah, summer. Are you enjoying the hot weather? Has it cooled off a bit? Rainy?

For some reason pizza seems like summer food to me - it's what we ordered when it was too hot to cook. Now, I usually make my own pizza, but it's still good summer food. I can make it on the grill if it's too hot in the house.

And, it's good cold. It's like a whole different food once it has chilled.

So, when my friend Stephanie from the blog Recipe Renovator dreamed up a blog hop to promote her Kickstarter campaign to get her book Golden Angels for eBook to print, the second thing I thought of (after actual dogs) was pizza.

I used to be a pizza purist. If a pizza didn't resemble the pizza of my youth, with toppings that were normal back in the stone age when I first ate pizza (from a place we only knew as "the pizzeria" - it had no name anywhere, and its blinking neon sign said, generically, "Pizza.") then I wasn't all that interested.

Oh, I could pick off the occasional bit of ham off a pizza without being too offended, and I gave a pass to olives, but when wild and crazy stuff like ham started showing up on pizza, I put on my snob shoes and ran away.

And then something changed. My horizons broadened.

I still like my traditional pizza toppings, but I'm more willing to have some fun with toppings, particularly when I'm making a few different pizzas. That way I can have my traditional pizza and dabble in unusual ones, too.

This time, I decided to make a pizza with breakfast-friendly ingredients.

Breakfast Pizza

Olive oil
Pork breakfast sausage, cooked
Deli ham, cut in pieces
Onion and green pepper, cooked then drizzled with maple syrup
Fresh tomato, sliced
Potato, cooked, peeled and sliced
Fresh mozzarella
Sounds good, right?

I just drizzled the oil on the crust - just a little bit - then added the toppings - obviously you can use as much or as little as you like. And then they whole shebang went into a super-hot oven until the cheese was happily bubbling.

And that was it. Hot, warm, or cold. Dinner or breakfast.

About Golden Angels

If you're a dog lover, you'll connect with the book for sure, as Stephanie taks about the loss of her beloved dog.

And, for the food lovers, there's a recipe for each of the 13 chapters of the book.
Stephanie raised her initial funding goal in the first week - now she's hoping to raise enough to print more books than originally planned, and to o a book tour as well.

With Kickstarter, you don't need to pledge a lot - even $5 will help bring a project closer to its goal.

Check out the Kickstarter for Golden Angels here.