Saturday, July 26, 2014

Best High-Altitude Hard Boiled Eggs EVER!

Hard boiled eggs shouldn't be difficult. But sometimes they are.

Before I moved to Colorado, I could boil hard-boiled eggs with no trouble. Heck, I didn't even need to time them. It was an instinctual thing. I'd think, gee, I'll bet they're done. And they'd be done.

Then I moved to high altitude. And, well, I could still hard boil an egg. I just couldn't boil them right. I tried every possible version of boiling, simmering, leaving them in hot water with the lid on. I changed the timing, the pot, and the amount of water.

I tried salting the water, and I tried adding baking soda to the water. I tried old eggs, very old eggs, and fresh eggs.

And no matter what I tried, and even if the center of the eggs were slightly undercooked, I always ended up with a green ring around the yolks. Always.

And let's not talk about the perils of peeling. Sometimes I'd get the eggs to peel cleanly, but often the peels stuck and the eggs were ugly. And that was totally inconsistent. I always boiled extra eggs, because it was a good bet that at least some shells would stick. But there were always some that were perfectly fine.

Then, I tried steaming the eggs. I read an article that suggested that 12 minutes was perfect, but that was written by someone at sea level, and I live at just about a mile high. I knew the timing was probably going to be a bit off, so I pulled out one egg at 12 minutes to test it. The inside was set, but not as done as I liked. So I continued cooking. At 16 minutes, I tested another one, and it was cooked evenly to the center, and absolutely no green ring around the yolk.

Even better, every single egg peeled very, very easily.

Just what I wanted.

Have you tried steaming eggs? You should!

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