Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kick Start, or Kick to the Curb: Pans, dishes, and probes, oh my!

Ah, those creative entrepreneurs on Kickstarter have some more fun cooking gear for you. Here's a sampling of what I found. These are not necessarily endorsements; judge for yourself.


The MiPan is a stovetop grill pan that has two separate pieces that's supposed to give you a better char-grill result with less spatter. I think this one looks interesting, and I'm hoping it gets funded so I can give it a test drive.

This campaign is almost over, so check it out quickly, if you're interested.

Range Oven/Grill Intelligence

The name of this kickstarter is pretty unwieldy, but the product is much simpler. These are remote thermometers that connect to your smart phone so you can monitor your cooking from a distance. It's kind of a neat idea.

There are a couple different models, with sharp probes for meat, rounded probes for candy-making or similar functions, and a grill model that has sturdier (more heat resistant) features along with a probe to measure ambient temperature.

Seally Cap

The Seally Cap people emailed me to let me know that they relaunched their campaign.

Squishy Dish

The Squishy Dish is a silicone dish set that's designed to make it easier for kids to make eating on their own a little easier and the colorful design is supposed to make food more fun.

Have you found any interesting Kickstarter campaigns? Email me and maybe I'll add 'em to a future roundup.